What is the difference between on-demand TV and catch-up TV?

It might seem that on-demand TV services and catch-up TV offer a similar product, but ultimately the two are different in a couple of subtle but meaningful ways.

On-demand TV is something that can be accessed through a few major digital TV providers’ various packages and also online in the form of software driven internet received content.

On-demand TV, put simply, is a collection of programmes and films that you can either watch for free or purchase for a small fee at any time of the day or night that is convenient for you. It is essentially a convenient replacement for video rental, and each different digital TV company will offer different programmes, such as Virgin Media‘s Movie Bank or BT’s Vision package.

Catch-up TV is a service offered by many of the major channels on their websites, giving you access to most of the shows aired over the last 30 days – which again you can watch at any time on your PC or web-enabled device. This is primarily a browser-based streaming facility, like b or ITV’s Catch Up page, and as such the quality is equivalent to most internet streaming resources and slightly worse than on-demand.

However, most catch up TV services put programmes only a click away. While on-demand TV, even when received via an internet connection, will require some kind of registration, log in or monthly contract before any of the content is accessible.

 What is the difference between on demand TV and catch up TV?

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