The Latest Talk Talk TV Deals – Anytime TV and Broadband offer

Review of The Latest Talk Talk TV Deals – Anytime TV and Broadband offer

UPDATE 17/04/12: TalkTalk Half Price broadband for 6-12 months, cheap line rental, FREE connection offers PLUS £25 Credit for those taking out newlines products. TalkTalk Broadband half price for 12 months with TalkTalk Essential And TalkTalk Broadband half price for 6 months with TalkTalk Plus. Sign up online for FREE connection. Offers end 30/05/12 visit buttons sat tv large The Latest Talk Talk TV Deals – Anytime TV and Broadband offer


Original post published 21 January 2010:

 The Latest Talk Talk TV Deals – Anytime TV and Broadband offer In case you didn’t yet know Tiscali are now going under their new name Talk Talk TV! One of the Latest Talk Talk TV deals is the Anytime TV and Broadband offer.

The Talk Talk TV Anytime TV and Broadband offer now for only £19.22 plus line rental package brings you an impressive 70 channels of digital television and radio channels including ITV2, E4, Sky 1, Sky 2,Sky Sports News, FX, Comedy Central 1 & 2.

It also provides access to hundreds of great movies and unmissable TV shows that you can watch when ever you like with Talk Talk TV’s on demand content. As well as all this this fantastic TV service brings you free 7-day catch up on popular shows from channels such as BBC, Channel 4 and FX. The broadband provided within this offer is also great! You will have super fast broadband with speeds up to 8meg as well as a very generous 40gb of download allowance.

That will give enough space to download 55 films or an astonishing 900 albums of music per month! With your broadband you will also be provided with a nifty wireless router for free. As you will have to pay line rental to receive this offer (only £11.25 per month) Talk Talk TV ensures you will get a great value deal there too.

With the phone line rental you will be entitled too an unlimited number of calls to landline numbers in the UK and unlimited calls anytime to the top 10 international countries too! Check out TalkTalk TV now.

Where to buy The Latest Talk Talk TV Deals – Anytime TV and Broadband offer

RetailerPriceOther Info
Talk Talk TV£19.22 a month plus line rentalLine rental £11.25 per monthvisit buttons sat tv small The Latest Talk Talk TV Deals – Anytime TV and Broadband offer

First published 21 January 2010. Please note that blog posts remain live, and any offers or information may no longer be current when you view this page.

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mary mccullagh
June 10, 2010

i am a talk talk customer phone and broadband and i want to upgrade to digital tv how can i do this

June 10, 2010

Hi Mary

I think at the moment Talk Talk TV is only available for existing Talk Talk customers and so you may be in luck.

You can get in touch with them on 0800 049 1374

All the best


david crawley
July 4, 2010

i am a talk talk customer alredy and i am on the pro package broadband and phone so my bill should come to £26/28 pounds so could i get the tv as well on the package for around the same price or would i need to pay another connection charge and pay for the equipment as well as i would be interested but dont want to pay all extra charges as every one else would aggree

Edward Ehimigbai
July 14, 2010

I am currently a talktalk customer (phone & broadband) and I have sky tv. What advantage will adding talktalk tv give me over me current postion.
What are the tv channels available on talktalk? Are all the channels currently on sky available on talktalk tv as well.


paul heath
August 7, 2010

we a talktalk phone and internet customer and want to upgrade to the tv,
when will i be able to get the tv

TalkTalk TV Guru
August 27, 2010

I am the know all of talktalk tv as i work for them, u can only get talktalk tv is you have TalkTalk formerly TISCALI broadband or if you have a BT phone line, if you have TalkTalk Broadband you cannot get the tv as it is not supprted on that broadband platform!

October 25, 2010

I have a BT telephone and the initial TISCALI broadband and want to add to Talk talk TV, but it seems as if it is not being offered. Does anyone know Talk Talk will start offering their TV service again?

obert chipato
October 30, 2010

I am a tiscali broadband and telephone customer without tv. Can i upgrade my package to include tv( with cookery chanels please)

November 3, 2010

Your Broudband is very-very fine. So im like it,but im pay 12 month adbance to BT linerent. But can i do.

November 7, 2010

i am told the TV will be available to new customers this month at some point. I had tiscali tv phone and broadband in my last two places. Very good. TV+ box however is a bit clunky /slowish.

I have sky at the moment but hate murdoch dso i need to change.Although the Sky HD box is slick. And i do not watch everything i pay for.

So i am going to take the package when my contract expires next month.

December 12, 2010

I Rang TalkTalk regarding there Talk Tv and Apparently this Talk Tv is only on trial to a few customers at this time and will be available in the near future.
TalkTalk customers will get letters with TalkTalk tv offer.

Adam Rowland
December 27, 2010

I work for Talktalk signing people up for broadband and phone, and if you live in the north west call me on 07851506769 for any more information about their TV packages. It’s due for release in March but no date has been announced yet.

Andrew S
January 1, 2011

I’ve had Talk Talk TV (as was Tiscali TV) for around 4 years, so no idea were the coments of a “trail” comes from.
I’ve no problems with the service, until the last 2 months, the set top box freezes at least once a day, which requires a reset (about 2 mins)!!!!!

Michelle B
January 14, 2011

I have had tiscali tv for nearly a year now, internet and phone for many years but lots of problems since changing over to talk talk, all my emails got lost last year and had no access to my emails for 1 month later in the year. Now only yesterday one of my wireless ethernet adapters stopped working and rang them but they told me they don’tdo the adapters anymore and i would have to buy my own. Still waiting on an outcome as I told them that under my contract they should replace them. My tv box was set up by the engineer upstairs so need the wireless adapters which they supplied to get a tv box signal. Search the internet and found it’s a common fault so no wonder why they stopped using them. They don’t even seem to know much about the tv support and no one knows how they supply and fit them in houses now so makes me think they are no longer doing tv now they are talk talk…..not good anymore :(

January 18, 2011

I have been a Tiscali customer, now TalkTalk, for 4+ years and I had taken up the TV offer Tiscali had offered me. The service is not the best, but as a deal was cheap, but now TalkTalk have sent me a letter in September 2010 informing me that the next generation network has been installed and that my price will now have to go up. The issue is that the service has not improved and the Andrew S is correct the TV freezes up and the internet speed has slowed down. I was told by the technical services that I can’t have faster broadband sent down the line as it causes the TV to freeze, so I am now forced to pay more for a lesser service. I am now looking to switch everything to other provider, it will be more expensive, but you get what you pay for!

January 21, 2011

At the moment I use Sky for tv and talktalk for broadband and telephone. I want to put all under one umbrella and was going to change to Sky everything but have been told that talktalk are going to bring out a tv package. Does anyone know if it will be available with a dish. Am not able to use cable or BT line as I sometimes take the sky card to Spain.

January 23, 2011

I think the Talk Talk TV package will be based on YouView for catch up TV – which will work over Talk Talk’s own broadband service most likely. I imagine it will be a hybrid set top box too – so normal TV channels will be watched through Freeview (over your aerial) – Hope this helps

January 23, 2011

Thanks for that. It looks like it wont be suitable for everything we need but I’ll wait for the launch to make sure.

January 27, 2011

Hi, I am desperate (to an extend) to get ESPN, on the ESPN website it tells me that I can now get it through TalkTalk, as I am a TalkTalk customer that appeals, but on the TalkTalk site there is no mention of it? Hope this is true as I expect it to be good value. There is no way I am paying Sky for it.

February 17, 2011

had a call from talktalk yesterday about renewing my contract, and asked why as a talktalk customer i was not being offered tv via broadband answer was it should be with you by the end of the year.
I find this strange as they took over a working version of this from Tiscalli is it that hard to migrate to all talktalk users?

May 1, 2011

Comments of other contributors strike home, I currently get 2mg download on my broadband on talktalk, contacted them as Virgin fibre optic now laid in my road. Talktalk customer services say I will be able to get their fibre optic in May, but know nothing about TV. Cost of talktalk fibre optic broadband beaten by virgin price which includes TV, I can pay a bit more and offload SKY saving me a wedge each month, but I can’t help but feel I’m being manoeuvred into this by these companies, you would have thought that talktalk would have been competitive!

June 27, 2011

When will HD content be available? I was a TV customer when it was Tiscali and the engineer who installed my service did say the HD channels would be rolled out over the next 12 months, That was back in 2008 and the only HD content I have seen is the test card. I have the +box and have also downloaded the tv-userguide.pdf file and it says HD can be found in Movies Now and the dedicated HD section of On Demand. I have never seen any HD content in either of these areas and I cannot see a “Dedicated HD section of On Demand”. I purchased a full HD tv based on the boxes ability to recieve HD and the words of the engineer who installe my service. My TV is installed correctly and and the box setup too so I thats why I ask “Where is my HD service?”

michael john foudy
August 15, 2011

i hope you help i would like to joint talk talk tv
how do talk to
i live in london w2 5bb

August 25, 2011

Hi, I just found out about the TT TV set up tonight, although I’ve been with TT for years.
I am booked to move over to Sky’s Variety package and phone etc, next week-end. What benefits are there with staying with TT over Sky. What is TT’s Variety package, what does it consist of?
Someone give me the pluses of TT over Sky!

September 23, 2012

my husband wants a nature programme does any one knows what it is called and does talk talk have one Mary

Mary hatt
October 24, 2012

Ive just joined talk talk on the 3 rd of october my line has not worked untill the 23 rd of october ive had nothing but trouble not been able to make calls have had to use my mobile all the time and talk talk have just taken payment our of my bank for a service ive not had,,, not very happy person at the moment …….

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