What is the difference between Sky and Sky Plus?

 What is the difference between Sky and Sky Plus?

Sky is the number one service provider of satellite TV in the UK and it offers a range of products and services based on a monthly subscription, all of which are regularly advertised in the media – but it’s easy to become confused between products and wonder what exactly they are offering.

Their two main digital satellite packages areĀ Sky and Sky Plus and there is one significant difference between the two.

Sky is their basic package. It comes with their basic Sky Digibox and offers a range of channels that vary depending on the type of subscription you go for. You can also upgrade your package to include more channels as and when you need them. The basic digibox is nothing more than a decoder of the satellite signal allowing you to view Sky channels on your TV.

Sky Plus is a different service all together. It offers all of the same functionality as the basic Sky Digibox but has the added advantage of being able to pause, rewind and record live TV channels thanks to an internal hard drive – all of which is controllable via your remote control. You can even record a programme on one channel whilst watching an entirely different channel. Additionally you can program it to record an entire season of your favourite show so that you don’t miss an episode.

The Sky Plus service and the Sky Plus box that comes with it is offered at a slightly more expensive initial price than basic Sky but subscription to channels is no more expensive.

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